The Movement


Isn’t it time to take control of your finances? Now, there’s a way to do it and feel good about it. Join the Billion Dollar Challenge (#BDC) and, collectively, help pay off $1 billion in debt by 2020!

How does it work? It’s simple. Just sign up, enter your debt pay down goals and track your progress after you make your regular payments. Information you enter is kept confidential and only available to you.

BDC Calculator

When you enter a goal for how much of a bill you want to pay off by when, the BDC calculator automatically tells you what your monthly payments need to be to reach your goal. You can keep plugging in numbers to create realistic goals. Once you’ve entered all of your bills, you’ll have a Debt Plan and the foundation for your overall budget!

My BDC Dashboard

You have total access to your Debt Plan by logging in and going directly to My BDC Dashboard. The dashboard offers a convenient display of your progress, including personalized debt reduction or paydown tickers. It also has other important challenge information — such as your accounts, groups and forums.

Want to have fun? Create a group and invite others to pay down debt with you. A little competitive spirit goes a long way!

What’s more? You can even win cash or other great prizes for your efforts! For instance, you can pay off $1,000 in debt in a month and enter a contest to win $2,500!

Need more reasons to join BDC? The Billion Dollar Challenge is a free, national economic campaign created to educate and inspire people to pay off debt. The easy-to-use financial management tools are just one way to help you budget and plan for a better financial future.

BDC is connected to the dfree® financial freedom movement, which has even more tools for debt elimination, financial management and wealth building.

Are you ready to take the Billion Dollar Challenge? Join Now!

Millennials and Gen Z’s,

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