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Barbershop Talk:
Credit Challenges to Home Ownership

The barbershop is more than just a cut...it’s a conversation. So naturally, there is no better place to talk C.R.E.A.M
(Cash Credit Rules Everything Around Me). We stopped by a barbershop to ask real men, “how does money make you feel?” What came out of the discussion were a myriad of topics that just aren’t talked about enough in the community and a whole slew of lessons that were learned the hard way.

Got a loan... what’s your interest rate? Looking to buy a home... when’s the last time you checked your credit score?

These “let’s get real” conversations about issues, fears and emotions when it comes to money are conversations well worth having with your loved ones. Let’s talk about it.



Life style

Financial freedom is empowerment. Embrace a new lifestyle by changing your attitude and behavior so that you can commit to living debt-free and go from victim to victor.

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Set and track budget goals so that you can achieve them. When you know exactly how you are spending, you can use your money wisely -- making your money work for you.

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Debt relief

The average American household balance-carries $16,048 in credit card debt. How will you get ahead? Attack debt sensibly!

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